Friday, January 15, 2016

Strange Habits that I have and stuff I do

(Art by  Kuvshinov-Ilya on Deviantart)

- Always have to go to the bathroom after brushing my teeth.

- I have to wear my sleeping mask when I'm gonna sleep, 
or else I feel naked, and will struggle to fall asleep.

- I sleep the best when I have a pillow or a medium big plushie to hold around :P

- Mostly have to (and when I do I love it) wake up at the middle of the night 
to go to the bathroom.

- I'm always early, because I guess that everything takes a long time.

- I often wake up two hours before class, just to be able to chill out, drink tea, sketch and watch Youtube during my morning.

-I can wear wool socks 3/4 of the year, and often feel naked without them.

- I love checklists, so sometimes I make checklists of stuff I've already done,
just to check the squares of stuff I've completed :P

- I talk to myself, and when I'm home alone, I talk out loud.

- I'm a cold sensitive person, so during winter, I often sleep with a fleece blanket and two duvets.

- I can't fall asleep if my feet or nose tip is cold. 
(This also explains my love for wool socks and sleeping masks)

- I have to hold my car keys even tho I don't use them to lock the door, 
since I'm terrified of locking them in.

- I have to check my pockets or bag, that I have my cellphone, wallet and keys, 
several times, almost compulsively, so I'm sure I won't loose them.
(the best way is to have big pockets, which fits everything, so you can feel everything with your fingers while your out shopping xP)

- I like to have all stuff I need around me so I don't have to move too far to get it xP
 stuff I may need, has to lay on the passenger seat, so I can safely reach it.
 I often sit in my or Lazes bed to play games and stuff, so I will lay snacks, phone, schedule, water bottle, etc. around me so I don't have to be rolling around to reach for stuff xP
I lay all stuff I often use, at my desk the moment we start, so I don't have to mess around in my backpack during the class.

Do you have any wierd habbits?

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  1. I talk to myself, to! :D
    //Serietecknaren Ellen, tidningen Bibelgänget


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