Friday, January 22, 2016

A little Korean Skincare Haul!

For a long time I've really wanted to try out some Korean skincare products.
South Korea is said to be one of the most innovative countries when it comes to skincare,
and after watching a bunch of videos about hauls and recommendations, I really wanted to try out
some products.

I was ordering from Amazon since that is the simplest for me, but I found out that it wasn't that easy anyways. Many of the products I wanted to order did not ship to Norway, or suddenly had a crazy shipping fee.  

But I ended up with some small thing anyways:
 Collagen Eye Patches and Greentea Nose Pack from Etude House

This one is a toner I've been wanting for a long time. 
I've been using a toner from Lush since last spring, but that one works more like a face mist, a refreasher, rather than a cleanser kinda.
First of all...
Look at this packaging!!!
I love it so much, and it really feels like a luxury when you get something like this in the mail. 

This is Wonder Pore Freshner Toner 10 in 1 ultra pro solution.
(wow super fancy advanced name, with spelling mistake! xP)
From Etude House.

The package includes a 500ml bottle of the toner, with a pump, where you just 
place the cotton pad and press down to pump the liquid on to the pad.
I also got a box with cotton pads, which was handy :D

I've only tried it once, but it felt really refreshing and I can't wait to 
use it every day :D

With the Toner I also got some samples!
I've heard about the Koreans and being very generous when it comes to samples.
So I got Waterdrop Sleeping pack from Lioele, 
AC control acne foam cleanser from Tonymoly,
and  Banana Hand Milk also from Tonymoly.

That is so fun, especially since I tried ordering several things from Tonymoly, but none of them could be shipped to Norway.

So that was that.
I just wanted to make a girly blog post again showing you this :D
Have a great weekend.

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