Thursday, October 22, 2015

What is happening here? ART?!

Hi... peeps!
So as you may have noticed, I'm not that active on this blog..
or well.. I'm posting about 3 times a week.. but it's mostly pre-written stuff, and not much every day life and depth into it anymore. Reason for this happening, is that I do not have time, or prioritizing other stuff, such as school and artwork.

I've have decided to really focus and improve on my art. And after I started publishing my monster girl challenge entries, I wanted to publish more and more of my work.

So the past month I've been sketching mostly everyday, practicing, dwelling out ideas and testing out different  techniques. And I have an idea that after most of my random pre-written challenges are over, I will start posting sketches and stuff that I'm working on, and stuff...

BUT tho my blog has been pretty boring lately, I have been more active on Instagram and Facebook. So that is what I've been doing lately.

For this post I added a little watercolor practice I did last weekend, and I call it "Blend" I think :P
Hope you like it.

ALSO! I have been thinking about commissions, but I'm a bit nervous and would like more practice before taking any projects. But I can still ask you of what stuff you would be interested in IF I was doing commissions, and would you even be interested in me doing commissions? :P

I'm really motivated for this right now, and I would be so happy if art would be something I would do, at least better at.

I really hope you are supporting me, and I really appreciate the response I have gotten on Instagram, Facebook and the new app I just started on, Art Amino. :) So thank you so much, and I sketch with you later :D

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  1. Aw! I really like your post! Don´t stop bloging! :(
    //kram från Ellen, serietecknare till Tidningen Bibelgänget and

    1. thanks :D No I won't but breaks will happen now and then ;)

    2. Good to hear! :) I am sorry for my bad english. Talk english it is so easy, then to write enlish. Haha! ^U^ But i learn..

      //kram från Ellen, serietecknare till Tidningen Bibelgänget and


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