Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top 5 favorite Pokémon 6th Generation

The 6th Gen. is the newest, from the two newest pokemon games, X and Y,
which is placed in the Kalos region

1. Xerneas
Xerneas is the legendary pokemon special in Pokemon X, and the main reason I bought the X version.
How can you recist a beautiful and majestic Fairy stag! :O

I'm a big fan of the eevee family, and there's no reason to not love the new member of the family! Look at it, it looks like som kind of a Lolita/fairy-kei Pokemon<3

3. Amaura
Well it's cute :3 I was so happy when I selected this one, for my fossil. It's so pastel, so chibi, and absolutely adorable!<3

4. Fennekin
Well I had to choose a starter, and I always have a hard time not using my starters, because I feel I'm leaving them behind. Even tho Vaporeon is my main pokemon in X too, Fenekin is the cutest and coolest starter (I think). 

5. Pancham
I didn't know who I was supposed to choose for the last one, but I guess this one is cute xP
It's a Panda tho, and that's reason enough to love it<3

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