Friday, October 2, 2015

☆ Day twenty-seven: Your dream job?

Even tho I started Collage and Higher Education the fall of 2013,
and found a subjects I'm interested in, 
I'm still not sure what my DREAM JOB
could be.

As a kid I had a big dream 
working with pets, and that is still a big
interest I have.
Unfortunately there's not that many workplaces for 
"simple" pet care, without me moving away, or work with farm animals.

I've also always been creative, and since my nerdy side of me grew
allot through my teen-ages, I figured web and games 
was something I thought was funny and interesting.

So yes...
Even tho I study art and programming in games, I'm happy
many of the classes are open for other ways of 
digital creativity!

But I think I would love to work with interactive
web pages. 
And hopefully with a fun and playful company.

Anyways, I'm happy that these subjects are
fast growing and important for more and more
businesses throughout the world,
and that I can end up with a fun job
I can be happy to have :)

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  1. Manga photos it´s so cute! ^_^ What are you think?

    //kram från Ellen, serietecknare till Tidningen Bibelgänget and


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