Friday, September 25, 2015

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Day 22. Feline Girl

When I made this I tried to make this fur effect as in the last drawing, but since
this girl has short hairs, it was difficult. 
But by changing the way I used shades and highlights, I think I 
ended up with a pretty okay result :D

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  1. Do you understand swedish? I think your arts and comics is awesome. I found you on :) I have look on your awesome blog. Anyway.. Do you paint this from a computer program?

    //kram från Ellen, serietecknare till Tidningen Bibelgänget I have a blog from my comicbook, if you want to see?
    And have a other blog to

    1. Hi! Thanks for you lovely comment :D I do understand a bit swedish since I'm norwegian, but not too well :P most of the stuff I have posted here is drawn in Photoshop, but I do draw and paint traditionally too sometimes. I will sure check out you blog too and it's so fun to get a comment like this once in a while :D

  2. Hello! Yey! I hope you will visit my comic blog too. :D I like to do arts and comics. :D

    My blog

    My comic blog


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