Thursday, September 3, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge!

Sorry if all these challenges are boring, but I find them a bit funny sometimes :D

Next up now is the Anime Challenge!
Where I aswere questions about prefrences on anime,
and my "relationship" with it :P

Day 1 – Very First Anime You Watched
Day 2 – Favourite Anime You’ve Watched So Far
Day 3 – Favourite Male Anime Character Ever
Day 4 – Favourite Female Anime Character Ever
Day 5 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed
Day 6 – Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet
Day 7 – Your Anime Crush
Day 8 – Favourite Anime Couple
Day 9 – Best Anime Villain
Day 10 – Favourite Fighter Anime
Day 11 – Favourite Mech Anime
Day 12 – Favourite Anime Scene
Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Similar To
Day 14 – Anime that Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It
Day 15 – Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning From Any Anime
Day 16 – Anime With the Best Animation
Day 17 – Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character
Day 18 – Favourite Supporting Female Character
Day 18.5 – Favourite Character that has no gender
Day 19 – Most Epic Scene Ever
Day 20 – Anime Character that Gets on Your Nerves
Day 21 – Favourite Goofy Anime Character
Day 22 – Favourite Weapon, Gear, or Armour Used in an Anime
Day 23 – Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Anime
Day 24 – Moment that Shocked You the Most in Any Anime
Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death
Day 26 – Best Anime Fight
Day 27 – Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character
Day 28 – Favourite Quote From Any Anime Character
Day 29 – An Anime You Wished was Real
Day 30 – An Anime You Wished Never Ended and Continued On
Day 31 – 
Popular Animes that You Didn’t Like or Care For

So let the Otaku out! :D

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