Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to school! Soon...

(Art by: Zetallis)

Hei ho (xP)!

I haven't been writing for a while now, 
mostly because there's actually been nothing to write about!

Well... we went on a little trip to the cabin of some family friends of ours,
but I sadly forgot my camera, and haven't gotten it back yet.

I also got one expansion pack and one game pack of the Sims 4
from Laze!

and when I finally got my school money, I used a bit of it to buy him some pretty clothes :P

I also started painting with watercolor again, and I'm so happy! 
I can play again, I can splash colors around, and suddently I have made something, 
Plus I love coloring! 
I am gonna show you some of my "pieces" as soon as possible :D

I'm going back to Steinkjer on Wednesday, and school 
starts on Thursday. At least it's and easy and short start-up :P
But I'm excited to get the every day life back..
I still have no ide what to do for my bachelor project,
and I'm guessing we're gonna have new groups in gamelab,
but I guess i will be updating you on that as soon as I know the plan :P

So now I'm gonna enjoy my last couple of days of freedom, and I write to you later :D

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