Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Design!

I finally made a new header for this blog!

Last time I made one was in March 2014,
and I didn't do much with it other than adding premade elements.

This time I switch from pink to a purple-ish blue, 
inspired by my sign Aquarius and my element air.

It's funny, cuz I have always held the element water close to my heart,
and then I learned that even tho the Aquarius is a person of water,
the element connected is actually air o_O

Lucky I got some great sky shots on my trip to Bodø,
and with some playing around with signs and
geometrical forms, I ended up with this :D

I also made a new background
which I haven't updated since forever!

I later last evening decided to change everything, of my blogs design!
The buttons to several social medias I hang out on, was big and boring,
so I switched them up with these:

I also switched out LookBook with Pintrest since I never visit LookBook anymore, 
and I have a million boards for you to look at at my Pinterest :P

In the end I made new "Follow" buttons for
en bottom of my entries.

So what do you think?! :D
I'm really happy with it, and I think it fit's nice for summer
and the upcoming winter (yea I have already started to think about it xP)

Have a lovely day people and I write to you later :D

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