Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Vacation!

(Art by 00Obsidian00, Snow White)

So on Monday I delivered my last exam this semester, 
yesterday I packed and cleaned the apartment, and now I'm home for the summer!

sadly the weather have not realized its summer, and
we're having maximum 15 degrees, rain and wind -.-'

So yea... again sorry for the bit of a hiatus, but I have been working with projects and
exams weekdays and weekends.

Now finnally with some time on my hand, I'm gonna start working again, with my own projects!
Sadly I did not get any jobs for the summer, at least not yet. But that's just how it is when you have no chance of working continuously through the fall too.

Well well.. I than have to enjoy my full summer vacation as a student a last time, before work takes me next year I hope :P

Talking about projects, I really have to finish all my blog entry plans, and get some of them posted soon, because now it's just too much! xP
So I hope you like what's coming and I write to you in a bit :D

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