Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Day 3. Slime

She kinda reminds me of an amoeba xP
Not much to say about her, but I remember I was annoyed that I could
design something that made her blend in more.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Day 2. Centaur

This time My Little Pony was the inspiration.
And we already started with a bit of a gap between these drawings because I'm pretty sure this one was drawn in January 2013, so a couple of months after the first one :P

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Friday, June 26, 2015

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Day 1. Harpy

So first one is up! 
A Lolita inspired sketch, where I used crayons.
I don't even know when this one was drawn but I think it was in the end of 2012 :P

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

First of all I have to say I've been working with this for 2 and a half years!!! xP


do not expect some great pieces of art for that reason!

I have just been forgetting it all the time, so most of them are made the past year ;)

You may also seen some teasers on my Instagram and other stuff, but now I will finally start 
posting all of these drawings :)

Please give me feedback, on these works, because I love to hear your comments
and I'm learning every time I pick up a pencil.

So on to the List:

1. Harpy
2. Centaur
3. Slime
4. Naga
5. Mermaid
6. Spider Girl
7. Plant Girl
8. Octomaid
9. Demon
10. Succubus
11. True Monster
12. Zombie
13. Insect Girl
14. Dullahan
15. Dragon/Reptile Girl
16. Ghost
17. Robot
18. Alien
19. Cyclops
20. Satyr
21. Canine Girl
22. Feline Girl
23. Yōkai
24. Multiple Limbs
25. Favorite Monster Girl
26. Favorite Monster Girl Character
27. A Truly Gruesome Girl
28. A Group of Monster Girls Together
29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

☆ Day twenty-four: Your favourite motif.

That's kinda hard, because I never think of it, but I think I have to say stars and sky motifs.



Stars can be worn in every season, both for gothic, grunge, cute or SUPER cute styles :P


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today is a big day! 
My mom, stepdad and half brother (10 years old) is going to USA today, 
move into their catamaran in Massachusetts, and going to sail and travel around for at least a year! :O

Sadly I have to stay behind, but I'm so jealous of the adventure they are going on.
If you are interested in world traveling and adventures like this, please be their 
friend on Facebook HERE :D

I wish them all good luck, 
and share a lot of pictures! :D

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Top 5 favorite Pokémon 5th Generation

The 5th Generation was introduced through pokemon Black and White.


As I mostly do when I start a pokemon game I chose the water-type starter.
And I was so happy this one ended up being an awesome final evolution.

2. Deerling
First: it's a deer so of course it's cute!
Second: I love how it has different looks according to the seasons.

3. Reshiram
I don't have much to say, but it's a big fluffy elite pokemon!

4. Blitzle

I loved ponyta as a kid, so I was excited when I could have a lighting type pony in my team.

5. Cubchoo
Again, what's not to love? It's a cute teddybear :P

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Awesome posters!

So I stumbled upon this page on Pinterest today, and 
now I think I want to buy everything!

I've been looking around for awhile after poster of games me and Laze loves.
I really want to decorate my future home with some nerdy artwork. 
But the best poster material has been fan art, and I didn't find any simple 
website with so much awesomeness in one place!

So here are some favorites that I have :D

So on this website there is tons of awesome art, sold as all kinds of stuff!
Can't wait to make my first order some time :D

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Vacation!

(Art by 00Obsidian00, Snow White)

So on Monday I delivered my last exam this semester, 
yesterday I packed and cleaned the apartment, and now I'm home for the summer!

sadly the weather have not realized its summer, and
we're having maximum 15 degrees, rain and wind -.-'

So yea... again sorry for the bit of a hiatus, but I have been working with projects and
exams weekdays and weekends.

Now finnally with some time on my hand, I'm gonna start working again, with my own projects!
Sadly I did not get any jobs for the summer, at least not yet. But that's just how it is when you have no chance of working continuously through the fall too.

Well well.. I than have to enjoy my full summer vacation as a student a last time, before work takes me next year I hope :P

Talking about projects, I really have to finish all my blog entry plans, and get some of them posted soon, because now it's just too much! xP
So I hope you like what's coming and I write to you in a bit :D

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