Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dresses from Rosa Novias

( Disclaimer! This is a sponsored post!)

So I was contacted by Rosa Novias to check out their lovely web store, and then especially the Bridesmaids Dresses section.

It’s spring and soon summer and especially here in Norway we have a lot of reasons to dress up during May. 15 year old's gets their confirmation, our national day happens, and more and more couples are getting married throughout the spring and summer.

I was checking out their Bridesmaids Dresses, and I found a lot of lovely pieces, perfect for the summery look.

I’m a fan of light pastel clothing, and these once caught my attention first. I think they work perfectly for a wedding of course, but all romantic scenarios, is it a date or a ball.

(click the model name to go directly to the dresses's page)

  • Model:                                         W1712                                                                W2250
Model: W1064                                                                               W1646

I also found some more colorful pieces, which I think looks great for a party, if it is for our national day, the spring ball or the wedding after party.


  • Model:                                     W1688                                                                          W1635
  • Model:                                       W1637                                                                       W2075

After looking around I found out that these Bridesmaids Dresses does not have to be used only in the role of a bridesmaid, but they fit many occasions where you want to dress up extra and celebrate.

I will for sure check out the website more, and dream about all the lovely stuff they have, also of wedding dresses, and flower girl dresses <3

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