Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Assassins Creed Pot Holders!

So for my fathers birthday I wanted to make something special for him,
and also try out something new.

Since I started knitting before Christmas, I decided to make some pot holders.
And because my cool dad is an Assassins Creed fan, I knitted them with the logo
of his favorite games.

It was my first time knitting a pattern, and also with cotton yarn
(which was hell because it was so smooth).

I made the pattern myself from some pixel-art I found around on the internet.

The pattern shows one side and I was using circular needles..
So I cast on 50 loops, added a marker, so I knew I finished the pattern, cast on 50 more,
and added another marker that showed it was start on a new round.

Then I knitted normally, following the pattern, for a 50 rounds,
and then finished it of.

At last I sewed the edges together (and added the rest of my white yarn inside),
and sewed a solid frame around it all.

The little hoops to hang them in are just some yarn I finger crochet
sewed on. 

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