Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Super simple Toner!

Here's another beauty DIY
which is super easy and cheap.

After using the DIY scrub, you can use this
simple Toner to remove access oil and dirt.

What you need is Apple Vinegar, I use a norwegian
variant called Heinz Eplecider Eddik.
You also need a small spray bottle or a form of liquid dispenser.

You 1/3 of vinegar.
If you have sensitive skin, I would test it out
with less, vinegar.

Next you fill the bottle with water, and shake a bit,
to blend the vinegar and water together.

And so you are done!

As for now, the tone sure smells like Vinegar, but you can also
mix it up with some essential oils, if you have that available.

Please tell me what you think,
and I write to you later :D

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Monday, April 20, 2015

A bit of a hiatus!

Hiroshi Yoshida

I'm sorry I just disappeared right when my Easter break started, and that it's been nothing since then.
But I just relaxed and worked during my break, and last week I still didn't feel like blogging,
so I just didn't want to push that further up in my face.

I have so many entries planned, so I just have to get my ass going, and
actually make them xP

Have a lovely day :D

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