Friday, March 27, 2015

&Action Media Festival!

So I have been busy this week.
My friends at Media teknology, has been working their ass off to 
make a 3 day media festival with representavies from Blizzard and Valve,
Fraser Maclean, Alex Murphy, teachers and more.

So then Because of that I haven't had time to be blogging, but you may have noticed I have been busy on Instagram :P

So here are some pictures outside of Instagram :D

The festival started off with a intro, with short presentations from all the festival guests, and also day guests.

After the intro, there was time for workshop, and the first workshop I went on was,
Animation and storyboard with Fraser Maclean and teacher Kristian Egge.
It was a fun experience ti make a story board for the first time :D

Next workshop was Zbrush with Teacher Julian Norum.
My class starts with Zbrush after Easter, and I wanted a bit of a head start :P
I ended up making a devil goblin or something, but the eyeballs are not placed right xP

In the evening there was a Movie quiz, where we watched the media students short movies from earlier this semester, and me and Karen ended up being on the quiz team with Seth and Jessica from Blizzard and David from Valve! We had a great time, and so fun to talk to them about the industry, and what so.

Wednesday I was going to two workshops, and started the day with Character costuming with Jessica Dru Johnson. She works with Blizzard cinematics and showed us and awesome software where you make the characters costumes digitally but with the same control as physical work.
Her demo was the Allianse captain from the WoW:Mist of Pandaria trailer, and what she did was to draw up the patters, tell which sides to "sew" together, and then the Cloths just add it self to the character as clothing.

Next up was Cinematic Environments, with Seth Thompson from Blizzard.
He talked about the cinematic pipeline, different jobs there are in the production, a brief explaination of how they made the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls trailer, and showed of some awesome personal work, including Norwegian Vikings and lore :P

Thursday was the last day, and the last workshop.
I then spend the time in David Lesperance's workshop Game Development Art.
Here he showed us some Zbrush, how to make a detailed texture and normalmap, from making a model, instead of using photographs. In his demo he worked on a brick wall texture and normal map. He showed us several awesome softwares, work he has done for blizzard, valve and personal work.

In the afternoon there was a Q&A, which was our last chance for asking the guest lectureres questions about the business, their work and etc.

I am so happy to meeting especially Seth, Jessica and David, and I have learned so much.
Most of all they all gave me a great deal of motivation and inspiration.
And I really hope I will meet them again :D

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