Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Personal Review: Futari wa Pretty Cure

The next anime I've been watching is Futari wa Pretty Cure 
or simply know as Pretty Cure.

This is the 1. season of a series of 11.
and I was possitivly surprised :D


So the story is about two high school girls, Nagisa and Honoka, two different types,
comes together after finding Mepple and Mipple, to fight of darkness,
and save the Garden of Light.

The characters you are following the most is :

Honoka Yukishiro

She's the bookworm and nerdy type. Doing a great job in the science club, but quiet and reserved.
Her Alter Ego is Cure White.

Nagisa Misumi

Nagisa is a sporty and social girl.
Her alter Ego in Pretty Cure is Cure Black, a strong fighter in the duo.


Mepple is Mostly Nagisas companion and he's the chosen
protector of the Princess of Hope. He's forward and eccentric,
and often makes fun of Nagisa. He's often selfish and whiny,
and mostly ends his sentences with "Mepo".


She is the princess of Hope, in Garden of Light, she's a bit reserved.
She's mainly Honokas companion, and mostly ends her sentences with "mipo".


Porun is a super annoying little kid, the prince of Garden of Light,
who appears in the middle of the series.
I really didn't like him at first, but became more and more fond of him
after we showed more of his purpose in the series, and his
cute way of saying "popo" in the end of every sentence.

The Dark King

He wan't to take over the earth and Garden of Light, and make it all his kingdom,
full of darkness and misery


Zakenna appears everywhere. He seems to be
some kind of dark power, which The Dart King and his minion uses to fight Pretty Cure.

and then you have the Gueen of Garden of Light, some of the
inhabitors there, the dark kings minions, class mates of Honoka and Nagisa, and family.

My opinion:
So at first I thought this was another Magical girl anime, much like Sailor Moon or something.
Yes the story is exactly like that, but what caught my attention was the animation!
You had the standard transformation scenes, cute girls, cute companions, and everything,
but there was something comical about it. The overextended movements and facial expressions,
so the main characters became a bit unfeminine, and more human I must say.

The anime aslo had lots of humor, and the usual friendship moral, which always is feelgood.
As mention I was surprised about liking this anime, since I thought it was too cliche
and too boring, baut there where some element's which made me keep watching it, and
be able to finish it, with a smile on my face.

At least it was allot of fun, and even if I think the story was poor,
I really enjoyed it :D

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