Sunday, February 15, 2015

Outfits, Valentines and Brothers!

Hello peeps :D

This week I actually have two outfits for you xP,
Weey the light is soon coming back here in Scandinavia, and the
temperature has been better than usual so :D

On Thursday I just felt like dressing up, using my newest top :D

On Friday I dressed up in a Valentine themed outfit, with cute simple dress perfect for a date with my Lovely Laze, heartsy thights and new heels <3

Me and Laze didn't actually go on a date tho, but we made homemade Pizza and watched movies :D

Saturday, the big Valentines day, we spent most of the day in our pajamas,
me working for a few hours and then playing Brothers -  a Tale of two sons.

Today I finished the game, and I was crying like a baby, truly a masterpiece, with great story, graphics, Awesome puzzles, but not too difficult, but intense enough that I had my heart in my throat,
feeling the adrenaline rushing.

So now I'm sitting here, wanting to play more games like this! x'(

If you know of something like it, please tell :D

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