Friday, February 13, 2015

New stuff January and February :D

So as the new year have started I've been a bit of a shopaholic lately :P

So I decided to show you some clothes I have bought lately.

So since H&M is right next to the grocery store I use to go to at the nearby mall, 
I often end up going there and is is what I bought this week.

As simple black dress, Since I actually don't have a black dress, that works both for formal and causal occcasions, two new black thights with deco and my favorite mascara Maybeline Manga.

 This one was on sale so I just had to have it xP

And when I saw this I thought, who other than me, in this little town, needs it more? :P 

Some weeks ago I went on another trip where I bought this:
Nice little top, and I thought of Grav3yardgirl when I read "Stay Sassy!" :P 

My jaw dropped a bit when I saw this, so I just had to have it :P

I also bought a grey jumper with hip dinosaurs on it, and a pair of white sneakers, but sadly I forgot to take a picture of them :S

So last weekend I went to the post office to pick up a HUGE box (biggest box I have ever gotten ),
from DreamV, Rakuten! :D

I ordered shoes, and they where just as beutiful IRL as on the website :D
These ones are adorable, but I have a bit of a problem with the lacing on the back, and the fact they are a bit small, but I guess they are okay, to just sit in anyway :P

These are my favorite, even tho they where simpler. the size is a bit bigger that the white and blue ones, and seem comfortable enough :D

What I got really happy about was that it was some sort of padding on the sole and it was a bend on the tip, ( so your foot can role while walking, as most shoes already have), cuz that was a problem that I had with the flat platforms I ordered from them the last time. They where hard and stiff to walk around with, and it seems like these ones are so much better :D whey! :D

I've also ordered some stuff from Ebay, which I will show you when everything arrives :D

Have a nice Friday :D

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  1. H&M has a lot of cute clothes right now, nice choice :) I wanted the stay sassy t-shirt, too but ended up not buying it :)

    love, Stella

    1. They sure have :D they have always been my first go to store of choice :D


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