Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Musaic Box - Game review

So some weeks ago I told you I played the demo of this game on 
Kongregate. It was so awesome I decided to make a simple review of it.

The game is made by KranX Productions and was releasted allready in 2008.
It recieved the "Excelence in Design Award" during the 2009 Independent game festival, 
and has since then released the game out on Steam, Android and IOS

You play as an unidentified person receiving a letter from your grandpa.
 You are asked to come to his house, and he also hints about a birthday present.
He is not there, but you find another note, illustrating the outlines of a musical piece.
And after the tutorial is completed you are going through an "adventure" of music pieces
in all sorts of arrangements. To finally find you birthday present.

The gameplay consists of point and click in the rooms, where you have to look around, move, and put stuff together to find the small music notes. When you get a complete piece, you are entering 
a puzzle, where you have to combine the blocks to form the true sound the the piece.
Each color represent their own instrument, and the symbols also visualize the moldy or rhythm they play.
But be aware, same color can not repeat vertically, and some melody pieces sound similar.

After playing the demo, which only had 3 rooms, I downloaded it for free on Android too.
The 3 first rooms where of course the same, but it was interesting to see the two new rooms,
new song and a new twist on the puzzle.

I'm thinking about buying this from steam to, and it's for sure on my wish list.

Are you a fan of puzzles and music, have a ear for it and can see the connections between the simple 
symbols, I will absolutely recommend this to you!
At least try the demo ;)

If you have played it or just did, please leave a comment what you think! :D


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