Friday, February 27, 2015

Fighting it!

So since last summer, I've suddenly got major problems with acne again, and now on my lower cheeks. 
It's been hard to treat, since my upper cheeks are red and dehydrated, my for head often gets dry, but my upside down T-zone have been hell.

So now after half a year I'm done!
So I went and spent some money on some products at the drugstore, and it actually seems like they work! :O I have been using these products since Tuesday now, and I can already see results!

The light green bottle is a gel foam face wash from Vichy, and I love it. Lovely consistency, and my skin feels smooth and clean afterwards.

Vichy Normaderm night detox, is a great moisturizer that feels refreshing and smooth.

Two-In-one Blemish treating moisturizer from ACO is a blemish balm and moisturizer in the same bottle. It's purely gel, and it stings a little when I apply it, but that is only on my acne affected areas, not my dry spots.

I really love these products, and with a clay mask 3 times a week, I think this will at least make my skin a bit better. :D

The only weird thing I have noticed was this morning, I applied the gel from ACO, and then where about to apply this CC cream, ( haven't used skin make-up all make up so I didn't notice before this morning.)

since I think this cream is a bit dark and orangey, I use to blend it out with a cream moisturizer, but when I then applied it to my face, the cream wouldn't blend I just ended up with weird flakes on my face o_O It worked better when I used tiny amounts of the CC cream only on my red areas, but I may also wore of some of the ACO gel. I don't think this will affect me too much, but it was just 
a weird reaction between products happening on my face xP

So that's that, I just hope I will get some kind of happy ending after this, since I really like having my skin mostly natural, and leaving the house without too much foundation and stuff.

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