Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Top K-pop Week 8

Heru peeps!

So finally I've been able to get music on my phone again,
but I have also been listeing to k-pop podcasts, and mixes on youtube.

But there are 3 songs that I've been hooked on the last week, and those are.

Hello Venus - Wiggle
Super cool song, Crappy music video!

And the funny thing is, that when I end up singging the Wiggle part of the chourus,
my room mates get wiggle by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dog, stuck in their head xP

Eddy Kim - Apologize
Perfect poprock (I would say), with awesome chorus.

The video is so so, but I love how catchy this song is, and the
way he sing Apologize :P

GFriend - Glass Bead
Reminds me of what I first fell in love with, in east-asian music.

 this song do, as I have noticed many others also think, remind me of
SNSDs "Into a new world", but I think that is totally fine! First of all, it's 7 years ago, and
I miss girl groups with this sound, and style. I just saying, keep it up GFriend,
because you have a Norwegian fan! :D

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