Friday, February 27, 2015

Fighting it!

So since last summer, I've suddenly got major problems with acne again, and now on my lower cheeks. 
It's been hard to treat, since my upper cheeks are red and dehydrated, my for head often gets dry, but my upside down T-zone have been hell.

So now after half a year I'm done!
So I went and spent some money on some products at the drugstore, and it actually seems like they work! :O I have been using these products since Tuesday now, and I can already see results!

The light green bottle is a gel foam face wash from Vichy, and I love it. Lovely consistency, and my skin feels smooth and clean afterwards.

Vichy Normaderm night detox, is a great moisturizer that feels refreshing and smooth.

Two-In-one Blemish treating moisturizer from ACO is a blemish balm and moisturizer in the same bottle. It's purely gel, and it stings a little when I apply it, but that is only on my acne affected areas, not my dry spots.

I really love these products, and with a clay mask 3 times a week, I think this will at least make my skin a bit better. :D

The only weird thing I have noticed was this morning, I applied the gel from ACO, and then where about to apply this CC cream, ( haven't used skin make-up all make up so I didn't notice before this morning.)

since I think this cream is a bit dark and orangey, I use to blend it out with a cream moisturizer, but when I then applied it to my face, the cream wouldn't blend I just ended up with weird flakes on my face o_O It worked better when I used tiny amounts of the CC cream only on my red areas, but I may also wore of some of the ACO gel. I don't think this will affect me too much, but it was just 
a weird reaction between products happening on my face xP

So that's that, I just hope I will get some kind of happy ending after this, since I really like having my skin mostly natural, and leaving the house without too much foundation and stuff.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Musaic Box - Game review

So some weeks ago I told you I played the demo of this game on 
Kongregate. It was so awesome I decided to make a simple review of it.

The game is made by KranX Productions and was releasted allready in 2008.
It recieved the "Excelence in Design Award" during the 2009 Independent game festival, 
and has since then released the game out on Steam, Android and IOS

You play as an unidentified person receiving a letter from your grandpa.
 You are asked to come to his house, and he also hints about a birthday present.
He is not there, but you find another note, illustrating the outlines of a musical piece.
And after the tutorial is completed you are going through an "adventure" of music pieces
in all sorts of arrangements. To finally find you birthday present.

The gameplay consists of point and click in the rooms, where you have to look around, move, and put stuff together to find the small music notes. When you get a complete piece, you are entering 
a puzzle, where you have to combine the blocks to form the true sound the the piece.
Each color represent their own instrument, and the symbols also visualize the moldy or rhythm they play.
But be aware, same color can not repeat vertically, and some melody pieces sound similar.

After playing the demo, which only had 3 rooms, I downloaded it for free on Android too.
The 3 first rooms where of course the same, but it was interesting to see the two new rooms,
new song and a new twist on the puzzle.

I'm thinking about buying this from steam to, and it's for sure on my wish list.

Are you a fan of puzzles and music, have a ear for it and can see the connections between the simple 
symbols, I will absolutely recommend this to you!
At least try the demo ;)

If you have played it or just did, please leave a comment what you think! :D


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Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Top K-pop Week 8

Heru peeps!

So finally I've been able to get music on my phone again,
but I have also been listeing to k-pop podcasts, and mixes on youtube.

But there are 3 songs that I've been hooked on the last week, and those are.

Hello Venus - Wiggle
Super cool song, Crappy music video!

And the funny thing is, that when I end up singging the Wiggle part of the chourus,
my room mates get wiggle by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dog, stuck in their head xP

Eddy Kim - Apologize
Perfect poprock (I would say), with awesome chorus.

The video is so so, but I love how catchy this song is, and the
way he sing Apologize :P

GFriend - Glass Bead
Reminds me of what I first fell in love with, in east-asian music.

 this song do, as I have noticed many others also think, remind me of
SNSDs "Into a new world", but I think that is totally fine! First of all, it's 7 years ago, and
I miss girl groups with this sound, and style. I just saying, keep it up GFriend,
because you have a Norwegian fan! :D

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Good day peeps!<3

It's a lovely day today, and I'm chilling out, knitting, watching YouTube, and playing games :D
Of course forgot to bring extra yarn, so I could finish this weeks project, which is super annoying.

So other that that, nothing much is happening. We had homemade pizza yesterday, and it looked like a 4 layered cake xP it was delicious tho :D

So this is yesterdays outfit :) Hope you like it :D
Outfit rundown:
Shirt: SheInside
Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Over Knees: Bodyline

So I hope you are having a lovely day, and I see you later :D

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

☆ Day twenty-two: The most expensive thing you’ve ever bought.

Like ever ever most expensive object I've bought is
my laptop.
Which did cost 8000 kr.

This is two years now, and I still really like it :D

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Outfits, Valentines and Brothers!

Hello peeps :D

This week I actually have two outfits for you xP,
Weey the light is soon coming back here in Scandinavia, and the
temperature has been better than usual so :D

On Thursday I just felt like dressing up, using my newest top :D

On Friday I dressed up in a Valentine themed outfit, with cute simple dress perfect for a date with my Lovely Laze, heartsy thights and new heels <3

Me and Laze didn't actually go on a date tho, but we made homemade Pizza and watched movies :D

Saturday, the big Valentines day, we spent most of the day in our pajamas,
me working for a few hours and then playing Brothers -  a Tale of two sons.

Today I finished the game, and I was crying like a baby, truly a masterpiece, with great story, graphics, Awesome puzzles, but not too difficult, but intense enough that I had my heart in my throat,
feeling the adrenaline rushing.

So now I'm sitting here, wanting to play more games like this! x'(

If you know of something like it, please tell :D

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Friday, February 13, 2015

New stuff January and February :D

So as the new year have started I've been a bit of a shopaholic lately :P

So I decided to show you some clothes I have bought lately.

So since H&M is right next to the grocery store I use to go to at the nearby mall, 
I often end up going there and is is what I bought this week.

As simple black dress, Since I actually don't have a black dress, that works both for formal and causal occcasions, two new black thights with deco and my favorite mascara Maybeline Manga.

 This one was on sale so I just had to have it xP

And when I saw this I thought, who other than me, in this little town, needs it more? :P 

Some weeks ago I went on another trip where I bought this:
Nice little top, and I thought of Grav3yardgirl when I read "Stay Sassy!" :P 

My jaw dropped a bit when I saw this, so I just had to have it :P

I also bought a grey jumper with hip dinosaurs on it, and a pair of white sneakers, but sadly I forgot to take a picture of them :S

So last weekend I went to the post office to pick up a HUGE box (biggest box I have ever gotten ),
from DreamV, Rakuten! :D

I ordered shoes, and they where just as beutiful IRL as on the website :D
These ones are adorable, but I have a bit of a problem with the lacing on the back, and the fact they are a bit small, but I guess they are okay, to just sit in anyway :P

These are my favorite, even tho they where simpler. the size is a bit bigger that the white and blue ones, and seem comfortable enough :D

What I got really happy about was that it was some sort of padding on the sole and it was a bend on the tip, ( so your foot can role while walking, as most shoes already have), cuz that was a problem that I had with the flat platforms I ordered from them the last time. They where hard and stiff to walk around with, and it seems like these ones are so much better :D whey! :D

I've also ordered some stuff from Ebay, which I will show you when everything arrives :D

Have a nice Friday :D

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