Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yes I survived Christmas!

Hi guys! I'm actually here!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged but since this blogging thing sometimes feels like working
I haven't prioritized it at all, and just chilled out.

Christmas was fun but allot has happened.

We went to our cabin as I said, and it was awesome but cold, 
and poor Laze was feeling a bit sick:(

When we where gonna go home, we got car problems 
so we had to get help to pick up us and Lazes car and then borrowed a car to drive home :S

Later that week we where busy with snow and shit xP

Went to my dads place on Sunday, celebrated New Years with Laze, just the two of us,
and spend 1st of January in a major hang over xP

today I'm gonna enjoy my last Saturday before I'm going back to Steinkjer tomorrow evening.

Gonna try to post photos and stuff soon ;) 

See ya, and Happy new years! :D

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