Sunday, January 25, 2015

Work weekend

I have been working this weekend!

Since I spent 3 days working on a 1 days worth of job, (because I fudged it up all the time
and this simple frame had to be compatible for maya, unity AND mudbox -.-')
I sadly had to work this weekend.
So on Friday evening I was raging since stuff AGIAN didn't work in mudbox.

After trying again on Saturday, I found out that it was my custom brushes, that was the
main problem, and after fixing them, and trying over and over again for 6 hours, I finally ended
up with some okay results ;)

And no, they are not finished, but it will be exciting to see if the computers at school can handle
this amount of polys, since I had to suffer through a lot of lag and crashing on my stationary PC :P

Even tho this was hell, I was still in the mood and started modeling something by my self
Friday evening.

I was planing to make a buble gun, for a game idea I have,
but since I left my sketches, I decided to model something from a picture on google.

The refrence I found is by Mariah Elizondo
Please check out her work :D

It was so fun to model something without it being homework, or a
specific project, and I guess that's why I was able to finish it so fast too. :P

 At first I thought of a more playful look on this laser gun thingie,
nut after playing around, I ended up with an worn out look.

Like it's an old space gun, dug up from the ground! :O

So I have to say this must be the most productive weekend in while,
nut it was fun to get stuff done :D

Please tell me what you think,
and I will write to you later :D

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