Friday, January 23, 2015

Otome fashion insporation

So the past weeks I've actually started missing dressing up, 
missing wearing Lolita! :O
At the same time, I feel it's okay that
that chapter of my life is kinda over, since it took allot of money,
time and confidence to go trough with.

Studying at college and all, I don't feel comfortable wearing full
Lolita anymore, but I try to dress as much "me" as possible, so I don't
loose that fun part of me, which I love so much.

Buut... As the headline says, I've become pretty inspired lately,
and especially by Otome. 

I think Otome is awesome, because it mixes
casual Lolita and Gyaru in my opinion.
And you can dress cute, and playful, while looking more 
mature and it's more handy than Lolita.

Here are some lovely outfits I found:



I also have a feeling it can easly be mixed with some 40s 50s style, which I have been 
a big fan of for years :D

Unfortunately, as Lolita, it can cost allot of money, but 
I can try to find something in town, vintage, or other offbrand stuff :3

Hope you got a bit inspired too :D

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