Saturday, January 31, 2015



Today is my birthday :3
21 years old and all :s

Me and Laze is gonna eat cake at my moms' place today and at my dads' place tomorrow.
but other than that we have no plans, 
I guess I'm gonna watch anime, may be work a little and chill out :)

Have a lovely day :D

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Drawing Class Part 5

This is the 5th part of this Drawing class entry series.

Sitting position front-sketch of male model.

 Sitting position back-sketch of male model.

Sitting position front-sketch of male model. 

Sitting position front-sketch of male model. 

Full body-sketch back of male model.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Work weekend

I have been working this weekend!

Since I spent 3 days working on a 1 days worth of job, (because I fudged it up all the time
and this simple frame had to be compatible for maya, unity AND mudbox -.-')
I sadly had to work this weekend.
So on Friday evening I was raging since stuff AGIAN didn't work in mudbox.

After trying again on Saturday, I found out that it was my custom brushes, that was the
main problem, and after fixing them, and trying over and over again for 6 hours, I finally ended
up with some okay results ;)

And no, they are not finished, but it will be exciting to see if the computers at school can handle
this amount of polys, since I had to suffer through a lot of lag and crashing on my stationary PC :P

Even tho this was hell, I was still in the mood and started modeling something by my self
Friday evening.

I was planing to make a buble gun, for a game idea I have,
but since I left my sketches, I decided to model something from a picture on google.

The refrence I found is by Mariah Elizondo
Please check out her work :D

It was so fun to model something without it being homework, or a
specific project, and I guess that's why I was able to finish it so fast too. :P

 At first I thought of a more playful look on this laser gun thingie,
nut after playing around, I ended up with an worn out look.

Like it's an old space gun, dug up from the ground! :O

So I have to say this must be the most productive weekend in while,
nut it was fun to get stuff done :D

Please tell me what you think,
and I will write to you later :D

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Otome fashion insporation

So the past weeks I've actually started missing dressing up, 
missing wearing Lolita! :O
At the same time, I feel it's okay that
that chapter of my life is kinda over, since it took allot of money,
time and confidence to go trough with.

Studying at college and all, I don't feel comfortable wearing full
Lolita anymore, but I try to dress as much "me" as possible, so I don't
loose that fun part of me, which I love so much.

Buut... As the headline says, I've become pretty inspired lately,
and especially by Otome. 

I think Otome is awesome, because it mixes
casual Lolita and Gyaru in my opinion.
And you can dress cute, and playful, while looking more 
mature and it's more handy than Lolita.

Here are some lovely outfits I found:



I also have a feeling it can easly be mixed with some 40s 50s style, which I have been 
a big fan of for years :D

Unfortunately, as Lolita, it can cost allot of money, but 
I can try to find something in town, vintage, or other offbrand stuff :3

Hope you got a bit inspired too :D

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY Face Scrub!

So there's been a while since
I made the Lip Scrup DIY tutorial
so now I want to show you how to make
your own DIY Face Scrub.

What do you need:
Coconut Oil
An empty jar

This is what you do:
First take a big spoon of solid coconut oil.
(remember if you live in a hot climate the oil can be
liquid, but here in Norway it usually appear in solid form.)

Then take a spoon of honey.
Here I also used a solid version, to create the 
consistency I want.

Now add a spoon of sugar.
The amount of sugar is something you should
think a bit about yourself too.
Do you have sencitive skin, you may try a bit less,
or more if you have thinker, oily skin.

Now blend all of this together to make a smooth paste,
and clean the top, so it won't be any waste between the class and the lid.

When you are done you close the lid,
may be add a sticker too it,
or wrap it nicely as a percent.

Please tell me what you think,
and I will write to you later.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Games I played this weekend

So this weekend, other than going on a small trip to sweeden
I have bin playing several browser based games
+ one awesome mobile game.

So I'm gonna show you some of them and
tell you a bit about them.

First of is Tap Tap Infinity.
Jupp, there's something about those idle games blooming everywhere nowadays.
I have played several myself, and there is something really addicting about them.

Tap Tap Infinty is nothing special, but goes through a set of gameplay that I really like.

You start of clicking, but then get gold, to buy minions and upgrades,
and then the minions can fight for you, and all you do, is to upgrade,
and see the silly numbers go up. Jupp, really simple, but I just like having it on in the background :P

Then I Played through Sushi Cat 2!

I have tried the first version too, but never completed it.

This is a standard pussle game where you drop the can and tries to collect
enough sushi bits. I love the look of the game, and who doesn't love som sushi and cats :P

Paladog is a great game I've been playing several times.
But since found this game also on Kongregate, where you also could get 
achievements for playing the game, I had to start over again :P

Again, upgrades is the kay word, I just love to upgrade stuff and send it into fight :P
You are playing Paladog, and spawns minions + doing magic, to defeat the evil that have taken over their land. the game has levels, with small changes of gameplay within, kinda like minigames.

So, the mobile game I've been playing allot this weekend is 
Love Live School Idol Festival!
As you may know, I'm a big fan of the anime, and their music,
and I was so excited when I found the game.
Sadly I didn't understand much of it in the beginning, so it was just on my phone for
MONTHS without me playing it.
I'm working with a review on it, so you can get more info about it then ;)

The last game I played was Musaic Box, which I found on Kongregate through an achievement.
This was just a demo, but I loved it so much, so it's sure I'm gonna buy it,
and also make a review on it :D
It's a perfect mix of music, pussles and simple point and click.

I hope you will try some of these games,
and if you do, or have played them before, please tell me yoiu opinions
in the comments :D

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