Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Vacation!

Good morning everyone!

It's finally Christmas vacation, and I
don't have to stress around with school work at least.

I went home on Wednesday evening,
and during that evening I think my body just died
because I fell asleep pretty early.

This weekend, was the last days our friend from Manchester
where visiting us, and we went out for sushi, watched the last Hobbit movie 
at the cinema and ate pizza at a tower we have, where the restaurant spins 
and you can see the hole of our town :)

Today I'm gonna visit my mom and do some Christmas baking, 
and prepare some Christmas presents.

Even tho I have vacation now, Is still have a lot to do;
Christmas presents, visiting family visiting friends and all that.
But fortunately, most of the "stress" will be happening this week, 
and then I can relax and enjoy the time from next week and outwards.

I'm so happy I'm gonna celebrate with my mom, 
which I haven't celebrated with in 4 years, and Laze is also gonna
be with us this year, which is awesome :D

Now I'm gonna get ready before I go, 
and I write to you later :D

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