Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 44

Good Sunday everyone!

Hope you survived this Halloween weekend,
and at least had fun :D

This week nothing exciting has happened. 
I have been super busy, with too long check-listst, so I was so happy it was finally weekend! :D

Sorry for crappy quality, and I all my make-up and hair photos where
blurry and shit, so I couldn't use any of them sadly :S

Friday I went home, picked up Laze and we visited my mom,
that Halloween evening. Later in the evening we went back to my dad, and 
we watched Nightmare before Christmas.

Saturday I started on my face scrub and toner DIY,
on in the evening we ate Tapas and watched Footloose :3

Today we're watching the twilight movies and just chilling out ;)

We also started publishing me and Lazes 
Portal 2 Let's-play videos!
So please check them out :D

'Have a lovely day :D

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