Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm a bit behind in Sims 4 :S

First I like to say I'm sorry I didn't blog on Wednesday, 
but I totally forgot :S

So today another video is up and I
am totally not planing my videos xP

Trying to get drunk and looking for ghosts xP

So if you didn't know, Sims 4s' October patch was ghosts!
So I tried to find someone to show you, but
first of all I didn't, second, the  video was made and uploaded too late xP

Sooo I really want to make a video showing Novembers and Decembers patch,
but we have to see about that, It's only 4 weeks left of the semester, and
I'm super busy.

ALSO too busy playing WoW: Warlords of Draenor!

Can you guess what I remembered the morning after the launch? -.-
I could be filming  it!! x'D
It was so awesome, and I had so much fun, but sadly,
it was in the middle of the night, and my roommate was sleeping next door,
so I guess I could be talking to myself like a maniac at that time :P

I am thinking about other WoW videos I could make, but I don't 
like ether because I won't seem like I'm showing of, because I'm
really not that good in the game xP

We will, see... I will at least try to record my big lvl 100 DING! :P :D

So... enough talking, check out the video and I see you later ;)

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Blizzcon weekend!

Morning everyone!

This weekend has been awesome but also tiring.

NO I have not been at Blizzcon, but I was at home with Laze
Watching the whole show live on Virtual Ticket all night
both Friday and Saturday.

Since it was in the evening and during the night here in Europe
we where also awake during the day, so I have to say I haven't slept much.

BUT it  was worth it. 
I'm a big Blizzard fan, even tho World of Warcraft is the only game I play.
Their passion for their work, art and lore always keeps me excited :D

I watched mostly World of Warcraft related stuff,
but I also watched the Heartstone and Starcraft chapionchip finales,
and small thing between.

Sadly, we gould not get to watch what was happening on
 the artist stage this year, which I think was super sad
since that is what I find most interesting.

But Blizzcon is not without surprises!

I did not see that coming, and I was almost shaking
watching the trailer. First I kinda thought that Blizzard and
Disney Pixar had a project together, because the artstyle, animation and characters
where amazing!

Sadly this game is a first preson shooter, which I find unpleasent to play,
but the world looks amazing, and I sure signed up for beta,
to try it out at least.

And last but not least. Now, this Thursday, is finally the launch of 
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor!
I'm super excited and no less because I got my 
Collectors edition of the game! :D

I will show you all the awesome parts of the box later ;)

Soo.. other than watching Blizzcon, I've been playing WoW :P
preparing for WoD, leveled up another 90 character and farmed reputation.
It's so good to be hooked on the game again, but of course it comes at a bad time xP

So the next few days I have to work hard, so I can go right home after class on 
Thursday and just play "all" night :P

Hope you had a lovely weekend and I see you later :D

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Last video!

Good morning!

Today I uploaded the last video in my "flashback" series
of me showing you the houses I made in sims 3

super excited for tonight with World of Warcraft gaming and
Blizzcon stream :D
Hope you'll have a lovely friday! :D

Also, remember to watch my and Lazes Portal 2
lets-play :D

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October on Instagram

Back for the monthly Instagram entry!

Et bilde publisert av @churichan på

Et bilde publisert av @churichan på
Et bilde publisert av @churichan på
Et bilde publisert av @churichan på

Et bilde publisert av @churichan på

Et bilde publisert av @churichan på

Sorry for the weird set-up of the photos, but Instagram changed their
embed codes, and fudged up my set up :(

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Monday, November 3, 2014

November themed phone!

Good morning!
So November is here,
but sadly there's nothing special about November here in Norway.
I know the US had Thanksgiving, but here in Norway it's only becoming more 
wintery, and we're looking forward for December and Christmas.

Therefore it was a bit hard to find a theme for my phone screen,
when I wasn't gonna fill it up with turkeys and pilgrim hats :P

So I ended up in a mild frosty theme, but again nothing special ;)

Looking forward to decorate my screens for December :D

Have a lovely November morning ;)

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 44

Good Sunday everyone!

Hope you survived this Halloween weekend,
and at least had fun :D

This week nothing exciting has happened. 
I have been super busy, with too long check-listst, so I was so happy it was finally weekend! :D

Sorry for crappy quality, and I all my make-up and hair photos where
blurry and shit, so I couldn't use any of them sadly :S

Friday I went home, picked up Laze and we visited my mom,
that Halloween evening. Later in the evening we went back to my dad, and 
we watched Nightmare before Christmas.

Saturday I started on my face scrub and toner DIY,
on in the evening we ate Tapas and watched Footloose :3

Today we're watching the twilight movies and just chilling out ;)

We also started publishing me and Lazes 
Portal 2 Let's-play videos!
So please check them out :D

'Have a lovely day :D

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