Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 43!

Helu everyone!

Finally another weekly updater, even tho, they are starting to get boring.

Last week, we had Grundercamp,
so I was working with that from 08:30 am to 4-5 pm and then went
back to school and worked in Maya until 8-9 in the evening.

So because of that I had no time for blogging, 
but at the same time nothing special to tell.

For this week, I guess I have to kinda stop taking outfit pictures in the mornings
because my camera is really light sensitive, and now it's getting pretty dark here in the mornings, and afternoons, 
 and the camera actually won't work well.

But yea... this week I've been knitting, yes I started knitting last weekend xP, 
finished an anime I will be posting a review on soon, and working as 

We're finished with midterm, and I'm already looking forward for Christmas, only 
a month left before I can start singing Christmas songs and such :3

So that's that for today.
Sorry for boring text post but, oh well.

See you later :D

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