Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 40!

Good Sunday morning everyone!

I actually took some pictures this week! :O
Sadly it's getting darker and darker each morning here in Norway,
and since my camera doesn't want to work properly without
proper lighting, the pictures frequently gets blurry and horrible.

These two where the only ones that both lighting and my face 
was okay xP

I had a headache most of the day, and the electricity went out
when I got home -.-
Fortunately I made a tuna salad for dinner, so I didn't need 
the stove or microwave to make dinner :P 

Gamelab workday, and we discussed gamplay and such.

I finally wore my blond wig at school!
I was suppoed to make a review on this one, 
but I can shortly say, it's bad quality sadly. 

It's really thin, so you can see bits of the cap on the back head (that's why I used the hat),
it's loosing strains of hair all the time, and even tho there is a nice mix of blond shades,
I feel there is some green in it up close.

But I will try to use it as often as I can, while it lasts :P
Hoodie: Cubus
Top: Ebay
Hat: Cubus
Jeans: Vero Moda
Wig: Ebay

Finally October 1st!!
It was the 20th anniversary of my college, so we weren't supposed to have classes.
BUT we still had Venture cup class (Entrepreneurship class, which not even our game or media teachers like, because we are kinda doing this already in gamelab and film production)
because they don't give a shit out the rules xP
Of course our main teachers of the class had the day off, but they send another poor guy,
to have the lecture instead -.-'

Nothing special happened, but I got approved on all my character designs
and started on the orthographics!
I will share my designs here later ;)

Was like every other Friday I guess:P
A long day at school, but ended up watching a lot of JonTron 
with Laze when I got home.

AND I uploaded a new Sims 4 video :D

 Jumper: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Thights: Vintage
Over knees: Bodyline
Leg warmers: H&M

Me and Laze woke up super early, and played and recorded 
allot of Portal 2!
I've never played that game before, but it was pretty fun :D

Today I have no plans, except posting this entry, and working with the orthographics ;)

Have a lovely Sunday and write to you later :D

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