Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm back!

Good morning everyone!
So as I told you on twitter last week, 
I was busy with Venture cup, and other school stuff,
so I don't not bother to blog about uninteresting stuff.

Tho I was supposed to blog on Sunday, forgot, then yesterday, but forgot again xP
Once this blogging falls put of the habit, it's hard to take it back in :S

Soooo... Last week I was in general at school 12 hours a day,
and the moment we left on Friday, was absolutely amazing :D

I uploaded a new video tho, so please check it out! :D

During the weekend, me and Laze, played WoW,
watched american horror story, and I started knitting.

We also had our mid-term for Gamelab last week,a nd yesterday we got the news, that we where good to go, by only some few tweaks ;)

Hope you are having a lovely day, and I see you later ;)

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