Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 37

Hi everyone! :3
I hope you have a lovely Sunday,
and this was my week :)

I was at the dentist in Trondheim, and went to Steinkjer
after that. Just wore a super casual outfit, so didn't take any picture.
I spent the hole afternoon and evening, drawing a new thumbnail,
and made a video ending.
I also made a Sims 4 video, which I hope you have watched :P

Tuesday was GameLab and I worked with textures.
I didn't do much other than that during the evening ether.
Tuesdays outfit was this:

Jumper: Cubus
Shirt: BikBok
Pants: H&M

 Wednesday would be a lovely day, if it wasn't for this stupid 
Venture cup project we have -.-
During that evening I was working on the project but also drawing :D

Shirt: SheInside:
Pants: H&M

Today we spent 6 hours at school drawing and 
learning about anatomy.
I love the Character design classes, but they are sure 
heavy too :P
When I got home, I started on the homework, 
but also made my first submission for Sketch Dailies :P

 Jumper: H&M
Shirt: BikBok
Skirt: H&M

Finally it was friday, and I came early to school, 
to do some drawing, project work and GameLab.
In Sound Production class I had to talk in a microphone 
in front of the hole class to test the range,
and I made my teacher play 
Nightsong from World of Warcraft Cataclysm!
Best song ever <3

When I got back in Trondheim, I spent my evening 
doing school work, but it was drawing, so I had a good time :D

Cardigan: Cubus
T-shirt: Cubus
Skirt: BikBok
Thights: Vintage

Yesterday I went downtown to pick-up some stuff 
which I got really disappointed about, but I can't really tell why jet.
The rest of the day I was drawing again and watching Youtube.
Dodgers series of Hatoful Boyfriend is just the best! xP

Today I was supposed to do this, so I guess that's check, 
work with some project work (almost check),
and the just chill, draw and watch youtube.

I think this week has been pretty nice, and I love the fact that
I have been so inspired to draw the past days (yes I will share something soon!)
and because of that haven't played a single game since Monday o_O :P

So then I see you again later guys! 
Have a lovely Sunday <3

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