Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 36

Hello Everyone! :D

This week has been SOOOOOOO
long and slow -.-

Of course,a part of that is that I didn't have to drive from 
Trondheim to Steinkjer Monday morning.

I also became sick, and long days at school did not work :(

On Monday I felt pretty groggy, and actually planned to go to school,
be there for only a few hours and then go home, since we didn't have any classes.

Sadly I ended up being there all day :(

Tuesday I felt like shit xP
But since it was gamelab, I went to school anyways. 

I fortunately felt better on Wednesday, after sleeping almost 10 hours that night.
School was boring tho xP But I did draw a bit that evening.

On Thursday we had Character Design, and 
we spent the hole day drawing :)

And as you know I bought Sims 4 that evening :D 

I came at school early on Friday, 
even tho we didn't have classes until the middle of the day :(
It was so lovely finally driving home.

This weekend, I've been playing ALLOT of Sims, also raged about it (will talk more about that another time), drawn, and eaten xP

This entry may seem uninspired, because it is :S
I really didn't bother to do this, but I knew, that if I didn't do it now,
I had to do it tomorrow, which I don't have the time to do.

Nevertheless it feels good to post this entry today anyways :D

Now I'm gonna play more Sims4 and then visit my grandma.
Have a nice day<3

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