Monday, September 15, 2014

Character Design: Bamboo!

So as you may have understood, Character Design is 
a class that I have this semester.

So I wanted to share some of the stuff I've
and will be working on throughout this class.

First of all, and introduction to my character!
Her name is Bamboo and is Chihuahua Canine girl.

Bamboo is a canine girl who thinks she's kind of a hero, but not really. She's silly, cute and sporty, with a great deal of playfulness and charm.  
She's 15 and loves to make friends.

The first thing we did for homework was to, explain who our character is.
So we got a template, and filled in her traits of all sorts ;)

 This was the first drawing hand-in, 12 thumbnails of how
Bamboo may look like.

The following are just exercises and sketches by my self.
Trying a full body shoot, and a side view of her head. Also
pointing down stuff I would like her to have.

Testing Face and eyes.
 But also hair, her tail and body type.

More faces, ears and eyes.

The next part has more of a personal aspect,
But I would love to have Bamboo mainly as a dog,
which I could use in small comic strips etc.
But this is just an idea jet.

Sketching and testing how to draw a chihuahua xP

I did after a while find kind of a style to try out, 
and then sketched some expressions and actions.
The reason that some are post-it notes, are because 
I simply doodled them in class,
without my sketchbook :P

So that was all for today, I hope you are having a great Monday,
and I will write to you later :D

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