Friday, August 22, 2014

New stuff!

So just gonna show you some stuff I've bought the last weeks! 
Super excited to make some outfits with them,
and great to fill up with bright cute clothes when the fall and darkness is falling upon us :S

Top from eBay
I'm just conna warn you tho... This top is not made well..
I'm pretty sure they stole the print since, there is a text printed on the lowest part of the shirt.. (sorry you can't see it in the picture... the fabric is thin and shiny (which is kinda good but also cheap), and the print is only at the front ;) So since I got kinda fooled by the picture, on ebay I'm just telling you now ;)

Jumper from eBay 
Knit hat from Cubus

All this is from H&M
Lace skirt
Ferby t-shirt
Sheer blue t-shirt
white and black tops
White eyeliner.

Since I've bought alot of clothes lately, I will try to save some money now :P

Hope you liked it, and please tell me your favorite item :D

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  1. nice haul, sorry about the ebay thing :( I got a nasty surprise recently too from shopping on there. I've got the furby top too!

  2. I love everything!
    It's a shame about the quality but I hope it was cheap to buy too :)



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