Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cabin trip

Good Sunday everyone :)

So nothing special has happened this weekend, but I will tell you a little about my week :)

On Thursday it was my moms' birthday, so I went to visit her 
and the rest of the family at their cabin.
I slept over and had a lovely time :D 

This was my outfit for Thursday:
I bought a new baby blue skirt on Bikbok on Wednesday :D

 I also brought little Zara which always is a succsess :D
This is my little brother and Zara being buds! :D

We spent the evening, talking, listening to music and playing with Lego :D 
I've missed my awesome Lego so much :P

So on Friday, I woke up, did some extra exercising since I forgot on Thursday, and jumped into the lake. It was 10 degrees Celsius in the air, but I think the water was still just under 20 degrees. :)

Since the weather was bad, we decided all to go home, I delivered Zara again and went to Laze and played WoW :P

Sooo that's my week kinda :P

It's two weeks left of summer vacation now! :(
I just hope we will get a nice semester ;)

See you guys!

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