Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Anime challenge

Japanese names you've used: Churi <3
Current age: 20
Age you began watching anime: 14
First anime series: You could say Pokémon when I was a kid, but Love Hina was the first real anime I chose to watch.
Age you began streaming/downloading anime: If YouTube counts I would be 14. On other anime sites I guess 15.
First streamed/downloaded anime: Love Hina
Est. amount of anime series you've seen: About 40 I guess :S
Est. amount of anime episodes you've seen: About 2000 episodes
Do you see yourself watching anime 10 years from now?: Hopefully yes :D

Anime Preferences:
List your current top 10 anime highest to lowest.
1. A- channel
2. Love Live School Idol Project
3. Sword Art Online
4. Kokoro Connect
5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magia
6. Oreimo
7. Love Hina
8. K-on!
9. Lucky Star
10. Death Note

Shoujo or Shounen?: I'm pretty girly with my choices of anime so.. Shoujo :)
Subbed, Dubed, or Raw: Subbed
Plot or Episodic?: Plot, but i love to watch episodic if I'm doing something else besides as drawing, homework, etc.
Preferred amount of episodes in a series:  I think 15 is my preferred number, but it really depends on the anime. But animes over 30 episodes per season is actually too long for me.
Preferred Genre: slice of life, comic, girly, school and music. But I also love fantasy and adventure some times :D
Preferred year of anime: ehm... I don't know xP may be 2005+ ?
How many series do you watch at a time?: 1-3. 
How many episodes do you watch in a day?: this really depends. I rarely see anime everyday, but, some days 1. episode and other days 12..
Favorite Opening + Ending theme song: Hum really hard one since I often switch every time I find a new lovely anime.
But for my favorite opening I have to say:

And for the Ending:

Manga Preferences:
List your current top 10 manga
1. Love Hina
2. Chobits
4. Negima!?
6. well... I have actually only read parts of these 5, and i didn't finish them ether xP

Anime or Manga?:  Anime
Buy or Download Manga?: With manga I would buy it, cuz I just love to have the books :D 
Weekly Chapter or Monthly Volume?:  If I was reading manga, I think I would say "Weekly Chapter"
Do you buy weekly manga magazines?:  no, cuz we don't have any magazines like that here -.-
How much manga do you read at a time?: ehhh.. one? :P
How many chapters/volumes do you read a day?:  none xP
Do you read the manga before the anime comes out?:  no
Do you ever read manga in the book store?:  In the only manga store we have, all the books are sealed with plastic, so I can't do that -.- But I did when I was a kid, and there sold some manga books in the general stores :)
...and got kicked out?: nope :)

Character Preferences:
List your top 4 guys
1. Kirigaya, Kazuto , Sword Art Online
2. Yaegashi, Taichi, Kokoro Connect
3. Kousaka, Kyousuke, Oreimo
4. Satou, Hide, Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

List your top 4 girls
1. Ichii, Tooru, A-Channel
2. Inaba, Himeko, Kokoro Connect
3. Yuuki, Asuna, Sword Art Online
4. Kousaka, Honoka, Love Live School Idol Project

Which anime character would you marry if you could?: Kirito! But I already have my own Kirito-kun<3<3
Most kawaii anime character: That has to be Poyo! as kawaii as it can be!
Most annoying anime character: Has to be Panty in Panty and Stockings... She has some humor, but I just don't like her personality.
Best anime couple: Of course Kirito and Asuna <3
Leading characters or supporting?: It depends... really.. I don't know.. Sometimes ether, sometimes both ;)
Male or Female protagonist: Since I usually watch Anime with female main characters, I have to say Female ;)

Anime&Manga Merchandise:
Amount of Anime DVD's you own: If movies count i have only three I think :(
Amount of Manga Volumes you own: Around 7 I think :S
Do you have any anime models/figures?:  Yes I actually got a Madoka doll from my boyfriend last easter :D and I have Pokemon figures tho ;)
Do you have any anime key chains?: no :(
Do you own anime video games?: I have all the Pokemon DS games ;)
Any cosplay costumes?: No... I have never cosplayed anyone :O
List some anime merchandise you own: Sadly nothing :S I have plans for some tho ;)
How long do you spend in an anime store?:  Aww these stores are scary, especially since there aren't many of them here in Norway, but since I have always been with friends ( which is not that fascinated by anime or japan stuff) and that all the manga sadly is wrapped in the store, I don't think it has been longer than 30-40 min.
... and have you ever been kicked out for taking too many pictures: Hehe no xP
Are you willing to spend over $500 for an anime you love?  Nahh I don't think so... but if I had one big anime store not that far from me, with all the stuff I want, I may would ;)

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