Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 35

Good evening!
This week has been wired.

We did not have any other classes than the Venture Cup Kick-off.
Which is an entrepreneur class.

It was super boring, but we survived :P

Shirt: SheInside
Top: market booth in Thailand
Jeans: I got the second hand from my
roommate, so I don't know where it's from.

Cardigan: Secondhand from my other roommate.
Blouse: SheInside

On Wednesday, my dad came to visit me, and brought my bicycle which I
have sold to my third roommate ;) We ate kebab, and had a nice talk :)

Dress: H&M
Jumper: Cubus
Thights and OKS: H&M

Jumper: Ebay.
Skirt: BikBok
OKS: Bodyline

Today was a bit of a weird day :P 
We where supposed to be at school until 3 pm and since Laze works to 4 he wouldn't take the train until 5-6 which meant he would arrive here at 7-8 :P

BUT! since the teachers had given us too much time, doing our tasks, we where able to finish up two hours earlier!
Since the weather was lovely and still two hours until Laze was done at work, I decided to go to trondheim and pick him up :P Then we could be more together and we got a road trip together ;)

Saturday we had a chill day, doing nothing special, but we joined my three roommates birthday party at the student pub. It was really fun :D

Today we where taking it really slowly. I drove Laze to the train, bought McDonald's and just been relaxing ;)

I hope you had a great weekend, and I see you later :D

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Drawing Class Part 3

Lets continue with my drawing class sketches :D

 A rough sketch of my hand.

First hand sketch of my hand. 

Concept-art sketch of DukeLaze ;)

Full body sketch of a male act-model that we had in our class. 

Body Sketch of male model.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 34

As I told you this was the first week of school,
and getting into the routines was kinda hard, especially when it came to this blogging stuff... 

I may be posting the week entries on Sundays, since I have classes on Friday too, but we will see :)

I showed you the clothes I bought during the summer, and I used some of them
to make this weeks outfits.

Tuesday we started on Gamelab, and I got to meet our two new
groupmembers, two students from Spain :)

Cardigan: H&M
Top/Dress: SheInside
Skirt: H&M
Socks: H&M

Wednesday we had our first lecture in Sound Production, and worked with
our GameLab pitches.

Hat: Cubus
Tops: H&M
Pants: H&M

Thursday we had our first lecture in 3D Character Design, 
which I'm both scared and happy to work with :D

Blue sheer top: H&M
White sweater: H&M
Pants: Vero  Moda

Friday was a looong day. 
First we had our game pitches,and  lucky enough it went pretty well :D
We are gonna make a game called EcoSea! :P

We also had sound production class, before I went back to Trondheim for the weekend.

Top: Ebay
Skirt: H&M
Socks: H&M

It's been a relaxing weekend, and me and Laze haven't done much.
But it's been nice since I was pretty tired after this first week.

I know there will be allot of work, but I will get used to it as usual :D

Have a lovely Sunday :D

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Friday, August 22, 2014

New stuff!

So just gonna show you some stuff I've bought the last weeks! 
Super excited to make some outfits with them,
and great to fill up with bright cute clothes when the fall and darkness is falling upon us :S

Top from eBay
I'm just conna warn you tho... This top is not made well..
I'm pretty sure they stole the print since, there is a text printed on the lowest part of the shirt.. (sorry you can't see it in the picture... the fabric is thin and shiny (which is kinda good but also cheap), and the print is only at the front ;) So since I got kinda fooled by the picture, on ebay I'm just telling you now ;)

Jumper from eBay 
Knit hat from Cubus

All this is from H&M
Lace skirt
Ferby t-shirt
Sheer blue t-shirt
white and black tops
White eyeliner.

Since I've bought alot of clothes lately, I will try to save some money now :P

Hope you liked it, and please tell me your favorite item :D

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SheInside haul!

Two weeks ago i got my first package from SheInside!

I'm really happy I could find some cute and summery clothes, and fits my playfulness, but at the same time, is more "normal" than fairy-kei or other street-fashion.

I'm really looking forward to make some outfits with the items I got,
and to order more from SheInside  :D

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Back for school!

And now I'm back in Steinkjer to get ready for school.

It was a gloomy day to drive on,
and since the gamelab stress started today already, 
I'm not that excited xP

Our first class will be on Wednesday, and on Friday we will be having our gamelab pitches, 
so I just hope that will go a bit smoother than the last time.

Sorry for a boring text post but I'm tired after driving, shopping and carrying bags, 
so now I have to eat something and unpack all my crap :P

Have a lovely Monday everyone :D

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Anime challenge

Japanese names you've used: Churi <3
Current age: 20
Age you began watching anime: 14
First anime series: You could say Pok√©mon when I was a kid, but Love Hina was the first real anime I chose to watch.
Age you began streaming/downloading anime: If YouTube counts I would be 14. On other anime sites I guess 15.
First streamed/downloaded anime: Love Hina
Est. amount of anime series you've seen: About 40 I guess :S
Est. amount of anime episodes you've seen: About 2000 episodes
Do you see yourself watching anime 10 years from now?: Hopefully yes :D

Anime Preferences:
List your current top 10 anime highest to lowest.
1. A- channel
2. Love Live School Idol Project
3. Sword Art Online
4. Kokoro Connect
5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magia
6. Oreimo
7. Love Hina
8. K-on!
9. Lucky Star
10. Death Note

Shoujo or Shounen?: I'm pretty girly with my choices of anime so.. Shoujo :)
Subbed, Dubed, or Raw: Subbed
Plot or Episodic?: Plot, but i love to watch episodic if I'm doing something else besides as drawing, homework, etc.
Preferred amount of episodes in a series:  I think 15 is my preferred number, but it really depends on the anime. But animes over 30 episodes per season is actually too long for me.
Preferred Genre: slice of life, comic, girly, school and music. But I also love fantasy and adventure some times :D
Preferred year of anime: ehm... I don't know xP may be 2005+ ?
How many series do you watch at a time?: 1-3. 
How many episodes do you watch in a day?: this really depends. I rarely see anime everyday, but, some days 1. episode and other days 12..
Favorite Opening + Ending theme song: Hum really hard one since I often switch every time I find a new lovely anime.
But for my favorite opening I have to say:

And for the Ending:

Manga Preferences:
List your current top 10 manga
1. Love Hina
2. Chobits
4. Negima!?
6. well... I have actually only read parts of these 5, and i didn't finish them ether xP

Anime or Manga?:  Anime
Buy or Download Manga?: With manga I would buy it, cuz I just love to have the books :D 
Weekly Chapter or Monthly Volume?:  If I was reading manga, I think I would say "Weekly Chapter"
Do you buy weekly manga magazines?:  no, cuz we don't have any magazines like that here -.-
How much manga do you read at a time?: ehhh.. one? :P
How many chapters/volumes do you read a day?:  none xP
Do you read the manga before the anime comes out?:  no
Do you ever read manga in the book store?:  In the only manga store we have, all the books are sealed with plastic, so I can't do that -.- But I did when I was a kid, and there sold some manga books in the general stores :)
...and got kicked out?: nope :)

Character Preferences:
List your top 4 guys
1. Kirigaya, Kazuto , Sword Art Online
2. Yaegashi, Taichi, Kokoro Connect
3. Kousaka, Kyousuke, Oreimo
4. Satou, Hide, Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

List your top 4 girls
1. Ichii, Tooru, A-Channel
2. Inaba, Himeko, Kokoro Connect
3. Yuuki, Asuna, Sword Art Online
4. Kousaka, Honoka, Love Live School Idol Project

Which anime character would you marry if you could?: Kirito! But I already have my own Kirito-kun<3<3
Most kawaii anime character: That has to be Poyo! as kawaii as it can be!
Most annoying anime character: Has to be Panty in Panty and Stockings... She has some humor, but I just don't like her personality.
Best anime couple: Of course Kirito and Asuna <3
Leading characters or supporting?: It depends... really.. I don't know.. Sometimes ether, sometimes both ;)
Male or Female protagonist: Since I usually watch Anime with female main characters, I have to say Female ;)

Anime&Manga Merchandise:
Amount of Anime DVD's you own: If movies count i have only three I think :(
Amount of Manga Volumes you own: Around 7 I think :S
Do you have any anime models/figures?:  Yes I actually got a Madoka doll from my boyfriend last easter :D and I have Pokemon figures tho ;)
Do you have any anime key chains?: no :(
Do you own anime video games?: I have all the Pokemon DS games ;)
Any cosplay costumes?: No... I have never cosplayed anyone :O
List some anime merchandise you own: Sadly nothing :S I have plans for some tho ;)
How long do you spend in an anime store?:  Aww these stores are scary, especially since there aren't many of them here in Norway, but since I have always been with friends ( which is not that fascinated by anime or japan stuff) and that all the manga sadly is wrapped in the store, I don't think it has been longer than 30-40 min.
... and have you ever been kicked out for taking too many pictures: Hehe no xP
Are you willing to spend over $500 for an anime you love?  Nahh I don't think so... but if I had one big anime store not that far from me, with all the stuff I want, I may would ;)

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