Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk downtown

Me and my dad went downtown today
to check out Olavsfestdagan,
kind of an festival celebrating St. Olaf.

Trough the upcoming week, there will be concerts, activities, and a market.
And allot of it is in a medieval theme :D

Because we went out I decided to dress up a bit, since I feel I haven't done that in forever :P

We weren't there much, since there wasn't much going on yet.
But I did take some photos ;)

This is out lovely Nidarosdommen. 
I just love all the details carved into the building :D

 The medieval theme was also awesome!
I sure got the right  mood :D

So that was it. I've been drawing allot the last couple of days, but I wont show you anything until I'm finished with everything :D

See ya later<3

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  1. That looks like such a beautiful place! Your outfit was adorable as well, very nice!

  2. Wow the Nidarosdommen is amazing! Truly beautiful. Looks like you had a good day :)


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