Friday, July 25, 2014

My WoW got hacked!:O

Hi guys!

as I told you I'm at my dads place this weekend, and I went yesterday.

I don't have much plans, but I want to draw a bit and stuff.

BUT I have a story tho...
Yesterday morning, I checked my mail, and I noticed I
had gotten several e-mails from Blizzard, telling me, that I had bought 
Warlords of Draenor several times and server transfer on my two main characters.

I got really scared and checked and in-game, and it was true. 
I got hacked and they had transferred my characters to another server and taken all my gear!

Lucky enough they didn't change my password, or use any of my money. 

So I managed to change password, and then report to blizzard what happened, and I got everything back :D
So happy :D

Today I'm trying my blond wig again, and I finally got help to cut the bangs on it too :D.
Still thinking about an review, but I'm not stressing about it jet ;)

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  1. Oh man that sounds so scary, I'm so glad to hear you got everything back though! That is really good customer service :)
    I hope they punished the hacker too!


  2. ahhh that must of been scary when you checked your emails! its good you got your stuff back <3

  3. I'm surprised people still care about your wow accounts is all about league of legends nowadays


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