Tuesday, July 22, 2014

End of Housewife week :P

Hi guys!
Today I've been babysitting my little brother for a week,
and my mom and stepfather is coming home today!

It's been a really nice week here, in this lovely apartment,
I've been a bit active and Laze has been with us the last couple of days.

Last week I was excising every day, and I've even done hour long walks. 
Sadly my right foot is a bit larger than the left one, so it got moshed in my jogging shoes, and on Friday, I just couldn't do my walk, as well as during the weekend. It's also been super hot outside, and I really doesn't like walking outside in the sun, when it's so hot. Because of that I didn't do my walk yesterday or today ether, so I really hope the weather becomes a little bit easier, so I can walk again ;)

On Friday my best friend Merethe visited me, 
so I decided to dress up a bit :P

Laze went to a Lan, and me, Merethe and my 
little brother ate taco, played games and watched tv.

Saturday I picked up Laze and he has been her with us since. 

Today I'm going to Lazes place, and later this week I think I will be going to my dads place.

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