Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cabin vacation!

Last time I wrote I told you that I was going to the cabin of some friends of mine. It was a lovely ride, the weather was awesome and I had an great time. 

On Tuesday we made batik, and that was really fun! Sadly I didn't have much white clothes, so I only made one top.

On Wednesday I drove back to Laze and on Thursday I went to visit Zitas new puppies and pick up Zara.

On Friday me, Laze and Zara went to my mothers cabin.

It was great to be there because of the lovely weather, and the warm water.

We went home again onSunday, and today I'm at my mothers place with my little brother.
I'm gonna take care of him for a week :D

It's been really nice to have this vacation week, with such a lovely weather :D

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  1. Where did you get your yellow sunglasses? I love the shade!

    1. haha these old once? I think I bought them at a store called Glitter, but that is like 6 years ago o_O


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