Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk downtown

Me and my dad went downtown today
to check out Olavsfestdagan,
kind of an festival celebrating St. Olaf.

Trough the upcoming week, there will be concerts, activities, and a market.
And allot of it is in a medieval theme :D

Because we went out I decided to dress up a bit, since I feel I haven't done that in forever :P

We weren't there much, since there wasn't much going on yet.
But I did take some photos ;)

This is out lovely Nidarosdommen. 
I just love all the details carved into the building :D

 The medieval theme was also awesome!
I sure got the right  mood :D

So that was it. I've been drawing allot the last couple of days, but I wont show you anything until I'm finished with everything :D

See ya later<3

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Friday, July 25, 2014

My WoW got hacked!:O

Hi guys!

as I told you I'm at my dads place this weekend, and I went yesterday.

I don't have much plans, but I want to draw a bit and stuff.

BUT I have a story tho...
Yesterday morning, I checked my mail, and I noticed I
had gotten several e-mails from Blizzard, telling me, that I had bought 
Warlords of Draenor several times and server transfer on my two main characters.

I got really scared and checked and in-game, and it was true. 
I got hacked and they had transferred my characters to another server and taken all my gear!

Lucky enough they didn't change my password, or use any of my money. 

So I managed to change password, and then report to blizzard what happened, and I got everything back :D
So happy :D

Today I'm trying my blond wig again, and I finally got help to cut the bangs on it too :D.
Still thinking about an review, but I'm not stressing about it jet ;)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

End of Housewife week :P

Hi guys!
Today I've been babysitting my little brother for a week,
and my mom and stepfather is coming home today!

It's been a really nice week here, in this lovely apartment,
I've been a bit active and Laze has been with us the last couple of days.

Last week I was excising every day, and I've even done hour long walks. 
Sadly my right foot is a bit larger than the left one, so it got moshed in my jogging shoes, and on Friday, I just couldn't do my walk, as well as during the weekend. It's also been super hot outside, and I really doesn't like walking outside in the sun, when it's so hot. Because of that I didn't do my walk yesterday or today ether, so I really hope the weather becomes a little bit easier, so I can walk again ;)

On Friday my best friend Merethe visited me, 
so I decided to dress up a bit :P

Laze went to a Lan, and me, Merethe and my 
little brother ate taco, played games and watched tv.

Saturday I picked up Laze and he has been her with us since. 

Today I'm going to Lazes place, and later this week I think I will be going to my dads place.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Drawing Class Part 2

Welcome to part 2  of my second drawing class
exam show-off :P

 In this exercise  we where supposed to draw an eye from a picture and the put the drawn eye into the photo again. This is Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu's eye ;)

An individual eye styles exercise.

 My foot drawn in a 90 degrees angle seen from knee down to foot.
Yea I know I have a strange looking foot xP

Another foot-sketch. Drawn seen straight forward from knee to foot.

Sketch of an relaxed hand. I had a really hard time doing this as you may see xP

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

☆ Day twenty-one: 5 of your favourite cartoons.

So on this list I have written only western cartoons since there are to many anime series I like, and I consider them Anime not cartoon xP

1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
2) Pokémon

3) Powepuff girls

4) Adventure Time
5)Phineas and Ferb

Do you like these cartoons?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bath time!

Good evening!

This afternoon, my little brother went for a sleepover with his cousins and uncles,
so I decided to have some me time :D

Since I think I've been doing well today, 
with some exercises, I wanted to take an relaxing bath!

I haven't been taken a bath in such a loong time, 
and with some bath milk and green tea in the water,
it was absolutely amazing! 
Think I will give myself this treat several times, 
while I'm at my moms place :D

Now I'm gonna make some tea, watch Disney moves and enjoy
my home alone time :D

Have a lovely evening :3

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Cabin vacation!

Last time I wrote I told you that I was going to the cabin of some friends of mine. It was a lovely ride, the weather was awesome and I had an great time. 

On Tuesday we made batik, and that was really fun! Sadly I didn't have much white clothes, so I only made one top.

On Wednesday I drove back to Laze and on Thursday I went to visit Zitas new puppies and pick up Zara.

On Friday me, Laze and Zara went to my mothers cabin.

It was great to be there because of the lovely weather, and the warm water.

We went home again onSunday, and today I'm at my mothers place with my little brother.
I'm gonna take care of him for a week :D

It's been really nice to have this vacation week, with such a lovely weather :D

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cabin trip!

Hi guys! I'm just saying hi and telling you that I'm going to
some friends cabin tomorrow ;)
Will be there until Wednesday I guess.

I'm really excited since I haven't been there for a really long time,
and since Laze sadly has to work I have to drive and take the ferry by myself :S :D

Made some CDs with k-pop mixes to play in my car so I'm ready for the trip ;)

Hopefully the weather will be great, and may be I can take some pictures :D

Have a great Sunday, and I see you later the upcoming week :D

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