Monday, June 2, 2014

WildStar HeadStart!

So this weekend it was finally head start for WildStar!

Me and Laze pre-ordered the game and was because of that able to play the game
already on Saturday even tho it "Launches" tomorrow I think.

BUT the head start launch was not 
without any problems.

I didn't play until the evening on Saturday since I was waiting for Laze which were coming home from a trip, but I was constantly checking the situation,
checked their twitter and forums for news.

I could not log in to the preferred server and 
and by the forums and twitter I noticed there was ALLOT of problems xP

Fortunately they have been doing a great job fixing most of the bugs, and 
we had no major problems playing yesterday.

I'm the pink Aurin in the middle and the Red-headed Aurin is DukeLaze :P
The Aurin to the left which looks exactly like me was just someone photo-bombing xP

We had to switch realm tho...
We wanted to play on Hazak - EN PVP 
but this one was completely full, with queue and more that 24 hour waiting time.

We ended up playing at Zhur, which apparently also is full now :S

I really hope they will expand the realms because we can't play like this :S

My first and main character Churi :D  Like my awesome hat? xP

Character creation screen. You can choose between two factions, and I think I will be trying both.
You can also choose by 4 races, 6 classes and 4 paths + character customization :D

This is the game screen, with UI... I also have extra UI from add-ons from Curse, so if you are curious of which ones I use, just ask ;)

So overall I'm super happy it's finally launched but also a bit disappointed
that so many bugs and problems appeared, when I had no problem playing closed and open Beta.

I love the concept of a MMORPG "like" World of Warcraft but so totally different at the same time. I love the Sci-fi theme, the characters, the cartoony look of it and all the Humor around it :D You sure get a good laugh by some of the comments you get around the game :P

The artwork of this game is also so beautiful, and absolutely my taste. :D

And there are many funny aspects of the game like paths, that customizes the 
gamplay more towards what you like, 
and your own home! :D super cool :D

I hope you check this out of you like MMORPGs 
and please contact me if you want to play with me :D

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