Sunday, June 29, 2014

My weekend

Hi guys! 
No Friday entry because, nothing was really happening xP
So I just didn't bother.

Well, nothing special to write to you guys now ether, but 
my weekend has been nice and I hope yours has been to.

On friday morning I went to my doctor, because I fainted last week and felt, dizzy, but she didn't find anything wrong with me tho :S She said it was blood pressure drop, or what I should call it, 
and that it was nothing unusual with that according to my age and etc.
I was so scared to go there, because I'm rarely sick, and I'm almost never at the doctors office.
But it went well and I survived the tests, so I'm proud and happy xP

When I got home I was just chilling out with the Chihuahuas Zara and Zita, and because Zita is pregnant I could feel one of her puppies in her belly :3 So strange and cute!

Me and Laze went to his place in the afternoon, and been there since. We have been babysitting his mothers dog, walked him, given him food and medicine. And he's the reason I've been up for over an hour already... Want to sleep!

But since I'm already up, I decided to blog, and Now I'm gonna play Wildstar :D

Hope you have a nice day :)

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