Thursday, June 5, 2014

Major blog activity!

Hi everyone! 
If you follow me on twitter you may have a clue
of what I've been doing today.

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haha sorry for the spam!

So today I suddenly got curious about my older blogs, and I found all three of them! :O 
So instead of having several blogs spread around the internet I just wanted them 
all to be collected here. This isn't because of the views on the blog
(even tho I have gotten allot of page views today o_O Thanks everyone! :D)
but it's because it's an important part of me.

I've been blogging almost all my teens, starting at age 14 in 2008.
I've documented allot through these blogs, and because of pictures and media,
they are sooo much interesting to me to reread, than old boring diaries.

I'm still not finished because it's not as simple as it should. 
The first blog I made was on blogspot too so that one was easy to export and import.

The two next ones was through a Norwegian blog service called
First of all, that page SUCKS! the other thing is that they make it completely impossible for their users to switch host. I can delete the blogs but not take back-up of the entries and comments -.-'

Even tho it's sad I lost the comments now, I've just been copy pasting and reblogging the entries.
It's taken all day and I'm still not finished.
I have to set the correct date, and because I was reblogging so much, Blogger made me start writing a code for every "Publish" click xP
These reblogged entries is also in Norwegian, and I do not bother to translate them.
So dare to use Google translate if you wan't and check out what it does to all my spelling mistakes.
So every entry before May 21. 2011 is in Norwegian, except some bad Google translate versions of some entries.

Many pictures have sadly disappeared also, which makes me really sad, since it worked well, until I was cleaning up a bit with my labels :( Have no idea what happened :(
And some entries are also doubled up because I started doing this when I made this blog in 2011 too. But I will clean up that later ;) 

I also realized that I blogged SO MUCH MORE before! xP
Especially in 2009 where two-three entries a day was normal! xP WTF!

Anyways, it's a lot of fun, and I will share links to the years as soon as I get finished :D

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