Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Morning

Good morning!

I was actually going to blog again last night but time just totally flew by, 
and suddenly it was in the middle of the night!

Me and my dad went to a small concert yesterday where my stepbrother where 
gonna play. He played the guitar and sang all by himself
and he totally blew my mind! 
SO proud! :D:D

God these kids are growing up fast xP

Later that evening I where just chilling out and watched Forrest Gump.
Love that movie!

I did not do any laundry yesterday because I got stuck working with future blog entries,
but I will do it now right away ;)

Gonna go to my boyfriends place today, and be there for a couple of days.
Gonna be a nice time :D

Again noo outfit photos this Friday, since I haven't dressed up at all this week,
just enjoyed my vacation at home :D

Have a lovely Friday :D

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