Friday, June 13, 2014

Drawing Class Part 1.

Finally I've gotten most of the drawings I delivered 
for my Drawing 2 Class this semester.

Those I didn't take pictures of (yes sorry I don't have a scanner),
where just rambelings, that we made in just a few seconds, 
so they were not interesting for you to see xP

I had to split this post up to 6 entries, 
because I realised I had 30 drawings I wanted to show you.
So that means 5 drawings for each entry.

So please enjoy :D

This is the final drawing I did. We where supposed to use all the element we have learned, and make a picture of movement. I hope one day I can digitize it ;) 

Exercise on facial expressions.

Excersise on expressions.

Model exercise.

Model exercise of Laze :)

So this was this entry's 5 drawings :)
Look forward to Part 2 :D

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