Thursday, June 19, 2014

drawing and NO make-up!

Good day everyone!

Sorry for the absence since Tuesday, but I hope you liked my face care entry :D

Yesterday I finally began drawing again and I also finished the 8th season of House!
Can't believe it's all over now x'(

Added a photo from today for you guys since I've only been posting old photos nowadays xP
Risky taking photos without make-up, but I haven't been wearing make-up for a week now :P

Today I'm drawing more, working more with the Monstergirl Challenge :D
Should be out walking Lazes dog but it's raining outside :( May be a short walk.
I'm also watching Negima?! but since I'm working at the same time, I don't know exactly what's going on xP

Laze has his IT certificate exam this week, and poor him is working his ass of, so it's been rather quiet evenings the last couple of days.

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  1. You're still very cute without any make-up ! How lucky ^___^

  2. Ahh, you're so cute! You are good at art as well. hehe. Do you make dress up games? I love to!

    1. thanks allot :D no I haven't, but that's something I really want to do some time :D


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